Mastery Learning and the Flipped Classroom

by Jill Brown

I’ve started thinking more about the Mastery Learning concept for my  “flipped” Classroom. I read a good article on the ACSD website about Mastery Learning.  The following is a quote from the article that is going to be the next focus of  implementation.

Most mastery learning models stress the importance of administering a quick and targeted pre-assessment to all students before beginning instruction to determine whether they have the prerequisite knowledge and skills for success in the upcoming learning sequence. 

Pre-assessments are important and I have used them in the past, but with the “flipped” model, I haven’t utilized them as I should.  For the next unit, I’m going to give a paper/pencil pre-asessment that will be similar to the post test, but not exactly the same.  I’m going to use the data from the pre-assessment to determine the topics of my screencasts and formative assessments. However, as a reference source, I will have available the screencasts on the lessons that  have been mastered for that unit.

With this pre-assessment information in hand, my students can develop a plan as to which screencasts they will need to watch for instruction and which ones they will use for reference. All the while, I will be using the pre-assessment information to build meaningful formative assessments and activities to be used in small groups and 1:1 instruction.

 There are usually, on average, about 10 screencasts per unit.