Conversation in a Flipped Classroom

by Jill Brown

I follow this blog called Teach Paperless. The most recent post was about the Flipped classroom. It was all about the need for and the importance of conversation with this teaching model. I was glad to read this post because I was grappling with how to make my screencasts more than just taking notes. Not that I’m lacking in having meaningful conversations with my students in the classroom, but that the homework needs more “conversation”. Right now I post the screencasts on Edmodo as an assignment and have the students take notes in their math journals. This is not enough. There needs to be more. This is why that post on Teach Paperless was just what I needed. So, along with the ideas he mentioned, here are a couple I thought I could add:

1. I could embed a voicethread into an Edmodo assignment that could generate a discussion on a problem in the screencast or,

2. I could have them post a response to the assignment (in Edmodo) that would require them to explain an answer to a problem?

This is going to be fun. I have my entire Christmas break to explore the possibilities. I love it when life presents you with possibilities. It creates opportunities for learning and exploring.