Blogs of other Flipped Classrooms

by Jill Brown

Before I get into the “meat” of this post, I want to share a touching story from my classroom today. My students took the Unit 4 math test…fractions. They took it electronically using Edmodo. Once they finished, I explained that if they missed 4 or more problems they had the opportunity to re-take the test next week (same content, different questions). Because we had a little extra time before the end of class, I gave them the opportunity to look over the test and start working on the problems they missed. Then I see it. Students moving into groups with no direction from me. They began helping each other and within minutes leaders were selected and learning was taking place. Then, I heard comments like, “Explain how you solved that problem?” Did you use the LCM or GCF?” ” Remember, you have to turn that 1 you borrowed into a fraction and add it to the that fraction here.” “Now I know why I missed that problem.”

I floated around the room offering assistance were it was needed and enjoyed the scene. When I got home this evening I checked Edmodo. There was a post from one of the students. It said, ” Here is a great website if you are still having trouble comparing fractions.” This brought tears to my eyes. They are becoming learners and collaborators. I guess, as far as meat goes, that’s a prime rib.

As you can see from the title of the post, the focus was going to be other teachers blogs. So, here we go. Jon Bergman just sent a link to a Google spreadsheet listing 35 examples of Flipped Classrooms. It’s a great resource. I just love being able to read reflections of other teachers and their experiences flipping their classrooms. It’s very encouraging and informative. The link is below.

35 examples of Flipped Classroom