by Jill Brown

As mentioned before, I am a member of a group on Edmodo called Flipshare. It’s a bunch of teachers who are or are thinking about Flipping their classrooms. It’s a true community of collaborators. Always sharing and helping each other solve problems with Flipping. Sometimes it’s just a place to go for encouragement.

Well, the other day one of the members posted a link to her new blog post: Absence makes the heart grow fonder  .  The title intrigued me so I read. The gist of the post was that she had to temporarily revert back to traditional teaching while the computer labs were being utilized for NWEA testing. She uses the computer lab for her Flipped classroom.  Below is an excerpt from her post.

Reverting back to traditional was quite an eye opener for myself and my students.  I, personally, found it much more difficult to determine whether my kids were truly understanding the material.  I thought they got it, then they went home to do their homework & they clearly didn’t get it.  I also found the lessons took much longer than I was now used to… I actually overheard a few grumbling about how they wish they could do videos again. 

WOW!  What a powerful reflection. As a teacher, I am encouraged by her post and as a  fellow “Flipper” I am excited!